Western confectionery MOMO


Our shop is a cake shop in Hita City, Oita Prefecture, surrounded by magnificent nature.
We make masterpiece sweets, such as homemade cakes and baked goods, which the pastry chef has repeatedly ingenuity and ingenuity through trial and error.
We hope that our customers will feel something in various situations, even in the slightest moment.
We will prepare wonderful sweets according to your request such as anniversaries and various parties.

Western confectionery MOMO’s dream story

Our job is a cake shop, so let’s paraphrase it into music.
At first, Musical notes instead of materials,
Sheet music instead of recipes,
Musical instruments instead of tools,
The conductor instead of the chef,
A performer instead of patissier,
Vendeur instead of music commentator,
and Shop instead of a concert hall.
Patissier*party chef Vendeur* seller If someone makes it loosely or plays badly , we can’t make a good work.
Great like music, The flavor strike a chord for someone, The design that makes someone comfortable,
In addition, Customer service that makes staff and customers smile naturally is very important,
It’s our job to make the store like it’s in a dream land. And that is our goal.
MOMO’s staff become composers, and we take the stage with the instruments.
The curtain rises, You can see the sweets little by little.
Close your eyes, Whisper of the heart (listen carefully) Is our wish getting closer and closer with smell isn’t it?
Thank you for waiting. It will start soon.



~ In a place where dreams and hopes are the trigger ~

Not only for anniversaries, but also for petit luxury on empty days, as gifts, to convey feelings.
In the fast-paced daily life, spend a little time with your loved one around the cake.
I'm sure if your heart is fulfilled and affluence is born Can you have dreams and hopes? Dreaming of a place where such an opportunity is born ...

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SWEETS~Petit gateau~

~Gift & mi-cuit sec~

Enjoy fluffy souffle chocolate at room temperature
When refrigerated, it has a texture like raw chocolate
If you freeze it and enjoy it, you can enjoy another taste.
Transform into an airy chocolate that melts in your mouth!
Please enjoy the mysterious texture and the rich chocolate flavor that remains comfortably.
The rich and flavorful taste creates a blissful time.

Choux à la crème selon la rumeur
~mi-cuit sec~

Plenty of custard cream on a fragrant dough.
The small cream puffs have a slight bitterness, The low-sweetness cream mixes in the mouth to create an exquisite harmony.
At the beginning of OPEN, it was sold under the name of "cream puffs", From some time ago, customers began to ask, "Do you have any rumored cream puffs?" The product name was changed to "Rumor Cream Puffs". It is a "rumor" sweet in the street.

Gâteau au chocolat vieilli
~mi-cuit sec~

Contrary to the light and light impression of the first bite,
The richness of chocolate that melts in your mouth.
Smooth and soft to the touch,
You can enjoy an elegant time with a sense of ripeness that you can not taste with ordinary chocolate.
I miss the aftertaste that disappears quickly.
A fascinating moment


Kazuki Building 1F, 1-3-5 Chuo, Hita, Oita
TEL 0973-27-5100

Exit Hita Station on the Kyudai Line and walk north on Keyaki Dori for about 5 minutes.

About 3km from the Hita interchange
Please come aiming for Patria Hita
※5 parking lots